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Founded in 2005, Nano Terra partners with companies that commit to a longer-term win-win relationship in a wide variety of industries, including electronics, aerospace, energy, industrial products, and consumer goods, as well as government agencies. Key components of our technology platform include Surface Engineering techniques (such as Soft Lithography, Self-Assembly, and Surface Chemistry), and Nanomaterials.

We assemble structures and chemistries at all length scales (from nano- to micro-) on flat, curved, smooth, and uneven surfaces made of a broad range of materials, including metals, polymers, oxides, and ceramics. We assemble these structures and chemistries over small (square nanometers) and large (square meters) areas, and integrate these into practical two- and three-dimensional systems and devices.

Our capabilities either enhance existing or create entirely new products in a broad range of areas, including smart materials and surfaces, flexible electronics such as displays and electronic packaging, energy such as fuel cells, batteries and solar power, sensors, consumer goods, and other industrial products & processes.

We bring to our strategic partnerships an integrated, multidisciplinary team of world-class chemists, biologists, physicists, and engineers. We pair this scientific team with world-class infrastructure and experienced senior executives to build a company with a strong innovation culture and a commitment to world-class execution for our strategic partners.