Nano Terra is a nano- and micro-technology development company headquartered in Brighton, MA, USA.  Our goal is to develop long-term collaborations with our customers that build significant new business value by applying our interdisciplinary expertise, nano- and micro-technology toolset and knowhow to commercial problems.  While working at the cutting edge of science, we bridge the gap between the research lab and the market place.  In this way, we play the role of a nano-technology “Innovation Accelerator” for our partners. 

We develop simple, elegant, practical solutions to complex scientific and technological challenges. We recognize that making a real difference in markets and, more broadly, in society, requires the translation and application of leading scientific innovation for commercial realities. Core research and development takes place in our own laboratory with in-house scientists and engineers, supplemented by scientific and engineering resources as needed from our partners.  Our development work focuses on specific products and processes with commercial potential validated by our partners. Our partners market and sell these co-developed products to end-users in industrial and consumer markets.